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Fun Stampers Journey Grand Calibur


I noticed on another blog that some people were asking where they could buy these machines and if they were going to be sold in stores!  Well I want to let you know that a Fun Stampers Journey Coach, such as myself, would be more than happy to help you buy one of these.  Not only that but I, or any other FSJ Coach, would be happy to tell you how you can get an even better deal!  Please stop by www.funstampersjourney.com/97 and go to the catalog to order one or if you want an even better deal–my phone number is listed and you can call me if you would like.  I absolutely want to help each and every one of you that want one of these marvelous machines to get one!  #ItsBloomTime


One thought on “Fun Stampers Journey Grand Calibur

  1. Thanks for letting me know about this, I use to work for Spellbinders so I have the red or pink ones they use to sell, I was just curious if that was a machine for them to use or if they would be selling the new machines in stores


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