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I promised to show this several days ago but I was having problems with Photoshop so now that I have that under control I want to show you the fabulous tool that Fun Stamper’s Journey has for sale!  I have more pictures so for now I am going to just draw your attention to the fact that it has a brush on one end and a tool on the other end with 5 extra tools in the kit.  Fun so far?  🙂


Okay, I am going to draw your attention to the tools in the bag right now.  As you can see there are three different sizes of embossing tools and there is a punch tool.  The spatula like tool is to help you push out die cuts.  If you use this tool it will keep from showing fingernail prints like some of us, okay me, have had in the past.  LOL


This is possibly my favorite part of the tool.  You take the bent part of the tool and rub it against our White Liner tape to get it smoothed down real good and then you take the tip of the same tool and lift the edge of the white liner to take it off of the clear tape underneath.  This will also work with score tape and the dot adhesives that have the tab on them that you need to take off.  It makes the job easy peasy now!  Are you excited yet?


Finally get a good look at this end!  What could you do with this?  Think about all of the times you have cut out a die and had to take a punch or toothpick or pin or something to get all of those little pieces out of there!  I have even used my Cricut tools.  Well, no longer do I have to take all of that time trying to get them out one by one.  This little tool does a fantastic job.  You run it over your project and it pops out those left behind pieces pretty well.

Would you like to have one of these fabulous tools of your very own?  You can buy one here:  http://www.funstampersjourney.com/97.  Click on Catalog, Tools, and then Bloom Tool.  That will get you this wonderful tool.  I hope that you enjoy it.  I am sure that I will probably have one to give away before long.  Everyone should have one of these!  Enjoy your day!


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