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October Kit of the Month


Yesterday my great niece was 2.  I decided that I would make her a card from the very cute October Kit of the Month.  The stamps needed were Birthday Girls, SS-0149; Ampersand Notes, SS-0137; and I put Happy Birthday on the inside from Keep Pedaling, SS-0114.  The Copics I used to color the girl were BG-11, 13, 49.  E-00, 11, 21, 35, 50, 93.  R-20.  V-12, 15.  Yr-24, 31.  The Dies were Journey Circles, DI-0039 and Journey Rectangles, DI-0041.  Cardstock needed would be Cool Pool, CS-0092; Whip Cream, CS-0040; and New Day Printed Paper, PP-0004.  I used the Black Licorice Ink, IP-0041.  The accessories would be the Blue Skies Sequins, AC-0113; Lavender Fusion Satin Ribbon, AC-0108; Natural Journey Twine, AC-0005; and Journey Glaze, AD-0002.

I hope that you enjoy the card.  I know that the write up is pretty cut and dry.  I was pretty detail oriented this time.  Let me know if you prefer just having the details or having things a little more personal.  Thanks.  Hugs~


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