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February Kit of the Month


I have made a bunch of cards and I am so far behind on my blogging.  My Mom is about to have surgery and I am going out of town for that.  When I get back I am going out of town for a little over 2 weeks.  But I need to show my Kit of the Month card at least.  I honestly need to show the rest of them as well.  This turned out so cute.  I made it for my great niece that turned 1 on Friday.  The kit had it as a plain card but I decided to turn it into a “spinner” card.  I know that she isn’t really old enough to enjoy it but I thought it was cute.  If you like this I have a challenge site on Facebook called https://www.facebook.com/groups/PeppermintPattiesJourneyChallenge/

This is a site where you have a chance to win the kit of the month.  If you are undecided on whether or not you want to join the kit of the month winning may help you decide.  If you already take the kit of the month then having another one will help you when you are having a card party.  You are welcome to join.  Also, if you would like to join the kit of the month you can go here:  http://www.funstampersjourney.com/97 and sign up.  We are getting really, really close to the 500 coach mark.  If you have been waiting and wondering if you should become a coach this is a great time.  Become a coach and be one of the first 500 coaches.  You will be getting in on the ground floor.  I went to the Scrapbook Expo today in Arlington and Fun Stampers Journey was at the front of the Expo.  People are getting to know who Richard Garay is.  This is a fun and exciting time.  I would love to have you onboard.  More cards to come.  Until later…


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