April’s Kit of the Month


I have only had the opportunity to make one of the cards from the April Kit of the Month so far and this is the one.  I truly love Fun Stampers Journey’s Kit of the Month because it makes it so easy to put together 4 different cards real fast just by following the directions that they have given you or if you like to think a little outside the box then you have that option as well.  It is always nice to have a card ready for whenever you need it.  I made this one on a day when it was raining hard and we were under a flash flood watch.  We need the rain and I do want it to rain but I miss the sun when it is gone too.  (Like having my cake and eating it too I guess.)  Anyway, the card brightened my day and hopefully when I send it out it will brighten someone else’s day as well.  See you again soon.


Cards from March Kit of the Month



I made these two cards from the March Kit of the Month.  However, I changed them a little.  I used vellum to make the bottles so that you could see through them.  On the top card I used every shade of orange that Fun Stampers Journey has to make it look like a sunset behind the bottle and then I cut it out in a circle.  I changed the twine and wrapped it around the top of the bottle.  I also added a little bit of a wave to look like water.

On the second card, other than using vellum, I just changed the position of the bottle.  I love the Kit of the Month club because you get the stamps and four packages with instructions to make 4 different cards.  You can make them exactly like the instructions say or you can change them up just a little bit like I did.  If you are interested in joining the Kit of the Month or learning more about Fun Stampers Journey please leave me a message here or go to www.funstampersjourney.com/97

I have another card to share.  I will post it tomorrow.  Until then adios and buenas noches.

February Kit of the Month


I have made a bunch of cards and I am so far behind on my blogging.  My Mom is about to have surgery and I am going out of town for that.  When I get back I am going out of town for a little over 2 weeks.  But I need to show my Kit of the Month card at least.  I honestly need to show the rest of them as well.  This turned out so cute.  I made it for my great niece that turned 1 on Friday.  The kit had it as a plain card but I decided to turn it into a “spinner” card.  I know that she isn’t really old enough to enjoy it but I thought it was cute.  If you like this I have a challenge site on Facebook called https://www.facebook.com/groups/PeppermintPattiesJourneyChallenge/

This is a site where you have a chance to win the kit of the month.  If you are undecided on whether or not you want to join the kit of the month winning may help you decide.  If you already take the kit of the month then having another one will help you when you are having a card party.  You are welcome to join.  Also, if you would like to join the kit of the month you can go here:  http://www.funstampersjourney.com/97 and sign up.  We are getting really, really close to the 500 coach mark.  If you have been waiting and wondering if you should become a coach this is a great time.  Become a coach and be one of the first 500 coaches.  You will be getting in on the ground floor.  I went to the Scrapbook Expo today in Arlington and Fun Stampers Journey was at the front of the Expo.  People are getting to know who Richard Garay is.  This is a fun and exciting time.  I would love to have you onboard.  More cards to come.  Until later…

January’s Kit of the Month

January2015KOTMCards1and2 JanuaryKOTMCard1 January2015KOTMCard2


Here are pictures of the two cards from January 2015’s Kit of the Month from Fun Stampers Journey.  I had a lot of fun making them.  I can see them going to one of our grandchildren for excelling in something at school or an extra-curricular activity.  They went fast and they turned out so cute.  If you are ever interested in getting a kit of the month, joining Fun Stampers Journey, or buying any of the products from Fun Stampers Journey all you have to do is contact me.  I would be happy to help you.  This is an extra special company to work for.  The days here are cold and from what I see on the weather they are cold just about all over the USA.  I hope that you are staying warm wherever you are.  Please leave me a comment.  I do take the time to read them and I would love to stop by your blog and check it out too!  So for now…toodles!

Cards from December’s KOTM

KOTMDec20142 December2014KOTM1

I made these two cards from the December Kit of the Month.  The great thing about the Kit of the Month is that it is so versatile.  It comes with everything you need except for the ink and the adhesive.  You get the stamps, the papers (even already cut to the right size and normally punched for you), and you get the accessories.  Without having to use anything of my own I was able to change these two cards to my own liking.  Just a change here and there and there I had it.  The first card I have I used my crimper and crimped my papers.  The kit showed the papers as distressed.  I liked the little extra effort that I put forth.  On the second card, the kit had you cut out the third feather and make it River Stone.  Then they had you pop it up.  I like the way I did it as it looks like there are shadows.  I am not saying that mine is better.  I am just saying that mine is different.  Everyone has their own way of doing things and even with this Kit of the Month you are allowed to give it your personal tweaking if you want.  I will be back soon to share the January Kit of the Month.  If you would like please join me on Facebook here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/PeppermintPattiesJourneyChallenge/  for your chance to win a Kit of the Month.  I am giving one away each and every month if I get enough participation.

October Kit of the Month


Yesterday my great niece was 2.  I decided that I would make her a card from the very cute October Kit of the Month.  The stamps needed were Birthday Girls, SS-0149; Ampersand Notes, SS-0137; and I put Happy Birthday on the inside from Keep Pedaling, SS-0114.  The Copics I used to color the girl were BG-11, 13, 49.  E-00, 11, 21, 35, 50, 93.  R-20.  V-12, 15.  Yr-24, 31.  The Dies were Journey Circles, DI-0039 and Journey Rectangles, DI-0041.  Cardstock needed would be Cool Pool, CS-0092; Whip Cream, CS-0040; and New Day Printed Paper, PP-0004.  I used the Black Licorice Ink, IP-0041.  The accessories would be the Blue Skies Sequins, AC-0113; Lavender Fusion Satin Ribbon, AC-0108; Natural Journey Twine, AC-0005; and Journey Glaze, AD-0002.

I hope that you enjoy the card.  I know that the write up is pretty cut and dry.  I was pretty detail oriented this time.  Let me know if you prefer just having the details or having things a little more personal.  Thanks.  Hugs~