Cards from March Kit of the Month



I made these two cards from the March Kit of the Month.  However, I changed them a little.  I used vellum to make the bottles so that you could see through them.  On the top card I used every shade of orange that Fun Stampers Journey has to make it look like a sunset behind the bottle and then I cut it out in a circle.  I changed the twine and wrapped it around the top of the bottle.  I also added a little bit of a wave to look like water.

On the second card, other than using vellum, I just changed the position of the bottle.  I love the Kit of the Month club because you get the stamps and four packages with instructions to make 4 different cards.  You can make them exactly like the instructions say or you can change them up just a little bit like I did.  If you are interested in joining the Kit of the Month or learning more about Fun Stampers Journey please leave me a message here or go to

I have another card to share.  I will post it tomorrow.  Until then adios and buenas noches.