Wow Check This Out!


Today Richard Garay, our co-founder of Fun Stamper’s Journey, announced this “amazing” deal for new coaches.  He made the deal sweeter by saying that if we got 100 new coaches in 24 hours that all coaches, including the new ones would be able to buy a Makery Kit bundle filled with essentials and accessories for 50% off! The bundle consists of five blocks, a trimmer and blades, adhesives and accessories packs! The bundle has a $125 retail value but the Coach cost will be only $62!  That is also a fabulous deal!  I have never been happier than since I joined up with Fun Stamper’s Journey.  This is a great group and truly more like a family than a business.  Everyone is so helpful and friendly.  We have the BEST customer service anywhere.  Please join me if you are interested:

I have a feeling that you won’t regret it.  I know that I haven’t.  I will remind you that our quarterly minimums are only $150.  That is the lowest in the industry.  With a $150 order you get 20% off, $20 in free product, as well as 1 free ATS, which is an ATC size stamp valued at $7.95.  You might as well say that you get $28 in free product.  (The 20% discount is for coaches only!)  You also get free Bloom Benefits with every $50 order.  Every Bloom Benefit is worth $7.95 so this company is VERY coach friendly!!!  What’s stopping you?  Ready to take the next step?  I’m ready to have you join my team!